10 Milestones in 10 Years – Happy Birthday SmarterServices

  1. Reached over 1,250,000 students with our readiness assessment – SmarterMeasure (formerly known as READI)
  2. Changed company name from DECADE Consulting to eLearning Tool Box.
  3. Have operated for ten years as a zero-debt company!
  4. Went through a complete rebranding from eLearning Tool Box to SmarterServices that included new logos, colors, literature, websites, displays, and product names.
  5. Grew client base consistently every year for the past decade.
  6. Created 3 fully functional profitable solutions.
  7. Secured 10 state wide contracts.
  8. Successfully became the industry leader in assessing student readiness.
  9. Secured contracts with the 5 largest for-profit schools.
  10. Experienced no turn over – only adding to current staff but no one left the company.