11 New Ways You Can Learn

Last week, we had a new follower on Twitter called Efront Learning.  After looking around on their website, which I frequently do when we get new followers, I came across a good elearning blog calledThe eLearning Coach.  They put a list together eleven ways to learn in 2011. I thought it was interesting and had to pass them along.  The full details can be found in the blog post.  It has some great resources listed. You’ve got to check out the full post!  It really does make you want to try something new.

  1. Learn to Focus.
  2. Master the How-to Universe.
  3. Explore the World’s Museums (online).
  4. Hack Your Life.
  5. Become a Storyteller (my favorite).
  6. Soothe Your Inner Geek.
  7. Learn on the Go
  8. Produce Videos/Start a Channel.
  9. Create Music.
  10. Report the News.
  11. Interact with History.