2009 Online Student Readiness Report

Just released from PRWeb

The 2009 Online Student Readiness Report (OSRR) has been released and is now available! The report was officially released at the recent DLA conference in St. Simons Island, Georgia.  Presented by eLearningToolBox.com, OSRR makes observations from data taken from 150,065 unique students from 272 higher education institutions who took the READI assessment from June 1, 2008 to May 31, 2009.

Highlights in the report include the following statistically significant differences between the means of the variables of gender, ethnicity, institution type, age range and number of prior online courses taken as they relate to student readiness for online learning:

Gender – Females scored higher on the constructs of individual attributes, learning styles, typing speed, typing accuracy, and reading recall.  Males scored higher on technical competency and technical knowledge.

Ethnicity – Caucasian/White reported higher means for learning styles, technical competency, and reading recall.  African American scored the highest on individual attributes.  Asian or Pacific Islander had the highest means for technical knowledge, typing speed and typing accuracy.

Age Range – For constructs related to personal maturity, older students had the highest means.  For constructs related to technical matters younger students had the highest means.

Institution Type – Doctorate GrantingUniversities reporting the highest means for learning styles, technical competency, technical knowledge,and typing speed. Special Focus Institutions (schools preparing students for specific careers) reportedthe highest means for typing accuracy and reading recall. Baccalaureate Colleges reported the highestmeans for individual attributes.

Number of Prior Online Courses – The results strongly demonstrated that with online learning experience matters.  The greatest difference in means from students with no prior online course experience and those who had taken five or more courses was in the area of technical knowledge. This indicates that with experience students can learn to use the technology required for online courses.

A full copy of the report is available at http://www.readi.info/documents/2009_Online_Student_Readiness_Report.pdf

READI – Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator is a web-based, diagnostic tool that measures student’s strengths and opportunities for improvement in five areas related to distance learning.  Those include learning styles, individual attributes (such as procrastination, motivation, etc), technical competency & knowledge, typing speed & accuracy, and on-screen reading rate & recall.  Serving over 300 institutions, READI is the premier readiness tool delivered in a custom user interface, complete with an administrative panel that includes access to student data, data export, communication tools, and custom features.

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