$4 Billion for Job Training – The Stimulus Bill Gets It Right

Monthly Archives: February 2009

Online Faculty Goldmine

Help!  Our distance learning program is growing so fast, I’m running out of able-bodied faculty members to teach the courses.”  Does this sound familiar?  Supply and demand is ruling the world of distance learning.  With record enrollments, many schools are struggling to keep up with the demand of students wanting more options to get an […]

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Student Retention – What Are We Doing About It?

Student retention has long been a buzz word in the education community, in particular higher education.  Why is it that some people drop out of classes?  Over the past decade reasons for dropping classes haven’t changed much.  Financial troubles, family commitments, unpreparedness, emergencies, and changes in career path have been among the top of the list […]

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Grants for Education – Accountability Included?

In early 2009, President Obama announced his stimulus package would earmark billions of dollars for education and technology.  Shortly after, the private sector got on board when The Gates Foundation announced they would be giving away $22 million in grant money to support development of educational data systems.  Thus far these green promises have been […]

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READI Version 6.0 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 6.0 of READI. This release contains some substantial enhancements. The ideas for these improvements were submitted by the community of about 350 colleges and universities which use READI. Thank you for helping to make this tool even stronger. We trust that READI is continuing to be […]

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