Understanding Student’s Needs – Core Competency for Online Faculty

Monthly Archives: December 2009

Flexible and Open – Core Competency for Online Faculty

I found this clip interesting.  D.K. Philbin from Allan Hancock College gives his opinion of a core competency for online faculty. This particular clip caught my eye not only for the content but because he references student’s learning styles.  Apparently he sees the value in knowing what those are.  He should check into READI – […]

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  As distance learning in the k12 space continues to grow, teachers are looking for good resources to use as of way of making course content more engaging.  Searching YouTube for appropriate videos has been a pasttime of some teachers looking for unique ways to engage the visual learner.  Unfortunately it is time consuming and difficult to weed out […]

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FREE Resources

Recently we learned about an online professional development newsletter that is designed to be a resource about teaching and learning for instructors.  The Toolbox: A Teaching and Learning Resource for Instructors, written by Brad Garner from Indiana Wesleyan University, recently promoted their online version as a FREE resource.  The newsletter is produced by “The National Resource Center […]

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