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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Case Study with National University College

In 2007, National University College (NUC) located in San Juan, Puerto Rico began offering online courses. The distance education department was formed in 2009, offering its first online degree pro-gram. In the process, NUC felt it was essential to have a diagnostic tool that would provide both the potential online student and its distance education […]

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New SmarterMeasure Feature

Clients may now choose to use our disaggregate mode of SmarterMeasure available to all current clients for no additional charge.  Seen on the screen shot below, it allows students to take individual sections of SmarterMeasure independently and view their results in each section.  For more information about how you can access this new feature, contact […]

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New SmarterMeasure Features

Over the past few months, we have been busy with lots of new and exciting features for SmarterMeasure.  Listed below are the new upgrades that all of our current clients have access to for no additional charge. Feature 1: Increased speed of test search and exporting data Previously it could take up to 45 minutes […]

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Small Town Girl Big City Living’ Day 3

Day Three of the National Charter Schools Conference in Chicago, IL, begins early at 6:30 am.  With a breakfast of burritos and fruit we get started greeting folks at 7:30 am in the exhibit hall.  I was already anticipating my busy afternoon of closing down the booth at 3:30 pm, getting the display shipped off […]

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Small Town Girl Big City Living’ Day 2

The skyline was beautiful in the morning light.  Just seeing the sun coming up sheds new light on everything and gave me a new vigor to begin my day with a busy day of meeting new contacts.  Making the 15 minute hike to the conference hall proved to be a bit more challenging carrying a heavy […]

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Small Town Girl Big City Living’ Day 1

Growing up in a small down and spending all of my adult life in Montgomery, AL, I would describe myself as a small town girl with an interest in the big city life.  Traveling with my job requires me to be away a few times a year and affords me the opportunity to catch a […]

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