2011 SmarterMeasure Integration Survey

We recently released our 2011 SmarterMeasure Integration Report. Over 300 client schools were asked to participate in the survey to identify trends and good practices in the implementation of SmarterMeasure. Among the 72 schools who responded, interesting findings are listed below.

  • 73% make SmarterMeasure available to all students.
  • 65% go over the scores one-to-one with the students.
  • 59% have compared SmarterMeasure scores with grades or withdrawal rates.
  • 61% use SmarterMeasure in an orientation course

Clients had a lot to say about our service and product.

  • “A really great assessment tool which we heavily promote to studnets in our online, hybrid, and web-enhanced”.
  • “For the first time we are able to get a clear picture of the students who are coming to this institution”.
  • “Helped dramatically lower drop rates in online courses”.
  • “The service is timely and top notch!”
  • “SmarterMeasure is a non-threatening assessment of readiness for online learners….they are eager to see their results”.
  • “We have students write a reflection about what they learned abvout themselves after taking the assessment. They have had some profound discoveries.”

To view the full report click here.