What do Breakfast, Football Season, and Advertising Have in Common?

Monthly Archives: August 2012


Coming Soon – Wordless Wednesdays

Welcome to our newest feature – Wordless Wednesdays.  Beginning next week, every Wednesday’s blog post will be a picture or image of some kind.  I hope it will cause you to think, form an opinion, comment or at the very least, bring a smile to your face.  Then stop back by on Friday so you […]

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Blended Learning – The Right Combination

Blended learning is what some refer to as a happy medium or compromise.  According to University of Central Florida’s “Blended Learning Toolkit“, blended learning is the “pedagogical approach that combines the effectiveness and socialization opportunities of the classroom with the technologically enhanced active learning possibilities of the online environment”.  In other words taking the positives from both […]

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Good Customer Service – Is It a Dying Art?

Have you called a customer service department?  Perhaps you had a question about your phone bill, needed tech support, or wanted to update your contact information with the bank.  When you dial in, who answered the phone, or should I say “what answered the phone”?  Most likely you got an automated voice offering you numeric […]

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Friday Fun – Summer’s Over

This week marks the end of summer for many children across the country. School is back in session!  Gone are the lazy mornings in front of the tv, football workouts mid morning, and afternoons in the sprinkler or pool.  We’ve had some fun this Spring and Summer too with our Friday Fun blog series. We […]

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Do You Know an Olympian?

Most anyone you ask will tell you they like to watch the Olympics.  Generally people have a favorite event or athlete they enjoy watching and following.  My personal favorites are swimming, track, and gymnastics.  Watching the Olympics motivates me to work hard and reminds me of the importance of discipline and commitment.  The stories behind […]

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