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Yearly Archives: 2012

SmarterSurveys Goes Mobile

After months of planning and development, we are pleased to announce that next week, we will be launching the mobile version of SmarterSurveys! As referenced in our Wordless Wednesday post this week with a teaser screenshot of a survey on an iphone, we are gearing up to go live next week. No action is needed […]

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Think Positive, See Potential, and Learn

Some people just have a genuine knack for finding the positive side of everything, don’t they? They have a unique ability to see beauty in a run down shack by focusing on the history of memories it displays.  They see a bare rose bush and remember the recent scent or anticipate the beauty of buds […]

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Excellent Customer Service Includes Empathy

This week the Wordless Wednesday post was a cartoon about customer service.  The caption read “Ok, how about this motto: ‘If you are unhappy for any reason, we will feel really bad’.”.  It’s funny to hear it out loud and think that, could in any way, be an effective motto in regards to client concerns and complaints.  […]

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