2013 Client Implementation Survey Results

SmarterServices, the provider of the SmarterMeasure™ Learning Readiness Indicator, periodically surveys its client institutions to identify patterns and good practices in the usage of the assessment. Below is the executive summary.  To view a full copy of this report click here. You may also check out an infographic with the highlights.

In the spring of 2013, ninety-two (92) client institutions responded to the survey.  This was a 26% response rate and was considered a representative sample of the 348 client institutions.

This report provides the survey results and is being shared with the academic community to further good practices in the process of measuring learner readiness.

Over half of the survey respondents represented Associates Colleges.  Eight out of ten institutions were non-profit.  Nine out of ten had distance learning programs with less than 10,000 students.  Almost half of the schools use Blackboard as their LMS.  An equal number reported using Banner/Colleague as their SIS.

Sixty eight (68%) of schools make the assessment available to all students, not just their eLearning students.  About half of the schools require some students to take the assessment and make it optional for others.

The most common way that schools use the assessment is in their orientation course.  This is followed by placement on the school’s website and administration by an academic advisor.
Other trends included:
•    99% of schools rate our service as a company as good or excellent.
•    99% of schools reported that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the assessment.
•    98% of schools include the technical competency section.
•    94% consider the assessment price as equal to or less than similar software.
•    70% have added custom text to the login page.
•    62% of schools analyze scores in aggregate to identify trends.
•    58% review the scores one-to-one with each student.
•    37% have added custom text on the score report.
•    20% have modified their readiness ranges.