Thinking Thursday – Why Online Learning is Vital to Improving Education

Monthly Archives: February 2013

MDC usage

Miami Dade College’s Virtual College Uses SmarterMeasure

Miami Dade College’s Virtual College offers optional student orientations available for students who take a Virtual College course for the first time or those who want to refresh their knowledge of the LMS and online learning. This no tuition, no fee, no credit course is promoted in the course offerings section of the Virtual College website, […]

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dept of ed

U.S. Department of Education Promotes Grit

Tenacity, Grit, and Perseverance are the “new black” when it comes to students completing college courses, degree programs, and overall achieving high levels of success in their endeavors.  Recently the U.S. Department of Education published a study referring to grit, tenacity, and perservance as “critical factors for success in the 21st century”.  The executive summary of the brief states “the […]

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2012 Student Readiness Report Released Next Week

SmarterServices is the expert in student readiness data.  We have been collecting student readiness data for over a decade.  In 2009, we released the first Annual Student Readiness Report.  Next week the 2012 Student Readiness Report will be released. It includes data from over 690,479 students at 324 higher education institutions.  To review reports from past […]

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Virtual Team – Work & Learn Together

Have you ever met someone on the phone?  Working for a virtual company, I experience this often.  It is not unusual for me to virtually meet a client school through a demo call, collaborate via email and in some cases discuss personal details about children and grandchildren.  Establishing relationships is important and fortunately in our […]

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Reflections – A Message from SmarterServices’ President

Leadership is getting things done through people. There are two ways you can get someone to do something – (1) force them, (2) motivate them. Obviously as educational leaders we are not in a position to force someone to do something. Who would want to work in an organization that forces people to do things? […]

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Integration with SmarterSurveys and LMS Now Available

We are excited to announce that SmarterSurveys has just released Basic LTI integration and can be integrated with your learning management system! All integration options including API and LTI have been updated on our website and can be viewed at The LTI will work with any LMS that supports the LTI v1.0 standard and supported […]

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