Cheating with 3 arms

Monthly Archives: January 2014


Creative Ways to Cheat Week on the Blog

Did you know students are getting more creative than ever figuring out ways to beat the system.  This week on the blog is dedicated to educating you about some of the ways students may cheat on exams.  The launch of our new product, SmarterProctoring, has prompted this blog series.  Be sure to join us daily […]

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Student Recruiting Goes Big Brother

Who remembers reading “Brave New World“? Anyone, Bueller?  Ok, so I guess I am showing my age.  Sobeit. Yes I had to read it in high school.  One of the few books I actually cracked without cheating on Cliff Notes. I remember feeling somewhat disturbed and creeped out, for lack of a better non-word.  Fast […]

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Setting 2014 Goals-Hashtag Style

Welcome to 2014!  So glad you stopped in!  In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s time to set those #NewYearsResolutions, right?  That proverbial list filled with arbitrary plans like eating healthy, exercising more, enjoying the little things, yada yada yada.  Don’t get caught up in #goodintentions and find yourself in the middle of an […]

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