Professor or Policeman?

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Professor or Policeman?

When I was in high school our history teacher expected us to cheat.  That’s right, she had fostered an environment in which everyone cheated on her exams.  During the exam she would noticeably be reading a book or working on filing papers in a file cabinet in the room.  This practice had been going on […]

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Share With Colleagues What Works for Student Success

E-Source for College Transitions Sharing Opportunity What contributes to student success on your campus?  Has it been assessed/ what are the results?  Can other campuses use it?  If you have successful strategies and practices, please consider submitting an article to E-Source for College Transitions, a bi-annual, electronic newsletter published by the National Resource Center for […]

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NUTN Network Nomination Opportunity

The NUTN NETWORK 2014 Planning Committee invites you to nominate or self-nominate award candidates for awards in the following categories: •    NUTN 2013 Research Paper Award •    NUTN 2013 Shirley Davis Award for Excellence in Blended Learning •    NUTN 2013 Distance Education Innovation Award •    NUTN 2013 Award for Institutional Achievement •    NUTN 2013 Student […]

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Top 6 Ways to LOVE Your Job

Do the hard stuff first and fast.  Do the tasks you like least about your job first thing in the morning.  Commit 1 hour to knock out the to-dos that are monotonous. Fill your space with things you love.  Make sure your environment feels like a place you would hang out.  Be creative and use […]

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Sense of Humor – Leadership Blog Series

Having a sense of humor when leading a group is no laughing matter.  Seriously, when crisis hits, and it will, having a sense of humor puts your people at ease and may spare you from an early death.  When your website crashes, ROFL won’t be included in your tweet.  Lost revenue from a faulty online […]

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Responsiveness – Leadership Blog Series

An effective leader responds to crisis, mystery, opportunity, and confusion. A good leader does not back down or shy away from managing unexpected circumstances.  At times like these, followers need reassurance, guidance, and most of all, security.  Leaders must not only be willing to respond to issues as they arise but must do so in […]

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Leadership Series on the Blog

Are leaders born or made?  What makes a good leader? Join us this week on the blog for our leadership series.  We will take a look at 4 traits of successful leaders.  At the end of the week, evaluate your own traits and see if you have what it takes to be a successful leader. […]

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The 5 Smartest Ways to Maximize Your Conference Budget

Has your corporate travel budget been cut AGAIN? If so, you are not alone.  Often times the first thing to go in a budget is travel.  While some trips could be seen as leisurely meetings, for many people they are a way to get valuable, required training hours, meet with client, get new business, and […]

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5 Smarter Ways to Cut Your Printing Budget

Are you looking for ways to cut your printing budget?  Take a look at these 5 smarter ways to save on printing costs. Plan ahead. You can always save money when buying in bulk.  Planning ahead 6 months allows you to place 2 big orders per year which can save as much as 50% on […]

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