5 Smarter Ways to Cut Your Printing Budget

Are you looking for ways to cut your printing budget?  Take a look at these 5 smarter ways to save on printing costs.

  1. Plan ahead. You can always save money when buying in bulk.  Planning ahead 6 months allows you to place 2 big orders per year which can save as much as 50% on printing cost.
  2. Ask for a discount coupon or code.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a better price.  Most all of us would do that with our own personal money.  The worst they can say is no, but you will almost alwaysprinting save get a price break.
  3. Consider using VistaPrint.  Yes, this is an official, unsolicited endorsement for VistaPrint.  As a company, we’ve been using them for 5 years.  We’ve literally saved thousands in printing costs.  They have free shipping and excellent customer service.  Coupons are readily available online with up to 50% off.  However, if you cannot find a coupon, call them directly when placing an order and ask them for one. Works. Every. Time.
  4. Evaluate your printing needs.  Take a look at your current collateral stack.  Is there anything that can be omitted from your printing run and used in electronic form only?
  5. Organize your stash.  Yes, having your printed materials properly organized and stored can impact your printing budget.  Be sure all of your literature is stored neatly and visible.  Throwing away a box of printed brochures that are out of date can be costly.