Appreciative Advising

Advising students seems to be a process that needs to be consistently evaluated to ensure students are getting the appropriate guidance and coaching about their college choices.  Recently I learned about a company that created an advising model called Appreciative Advising.  I thought it was worth sharing with our readers. Contact Jenny Bloom and learn more about the Appreciative Advising team.

The Six Phases of Appreciative Advising

PictureDisarm: Make a positive first impression with the student, build rapport, and create a safe, welcoming space.
Discover: Ask positive open-ended questions that help advisers learn about students’ strengths, skills, and abilities.
Dream: Inquire about students’ hopes and dreams for their futures.
Design: Co-create a plan for making their dreams a reality.
Deliver: The student delivers on the plan created during the Design phase and the adviser is available to encourage and support students.
Don’t Settle: Advisers and students alike need to set their own internal bars of expectations high