Be the Right Person

In Stephen R. Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he highlights the first step as being proactive, with a close second and third to begin with the end in mind, and to put first things first. Being proactive is a principal that applies to every personal walk in life as well as a variety of businesses.  Sitting around waiting for something to happen and reacting accordingly makes for at the very least poorly planned existence and at worst a failing business model that quickly falls into bankruptcy. 

What if you knew that doing the bare minimum would sustain you?  You would live a satisfactory life and everything around you would be mediocre.  Would that be enough?  Would you want to work for a company that held this mission statement…”doing what we have to do to get through the day”?  In Jim Collins book Good to Great, his research team starts with 1,435 good companies and examine their performance for over 40 years.  Eleven companies are found to have reached greatness and he highlights lessons learned about eggs, flywheels, hedgehogs, buses, and other essentials of business that can transform a company.

Reading these books are two examples of ways to improve your business practices and life.  The authors both agree that doing nothing is not included in the recipe for success.  Covey discusses the importance of being “that person”.  The one who makes a decision, puts forth the effort, and enjoys the fruit of his labor.  Collins says the number one rule to going from good to great is having the right people on your team.  He says regardless of what positive direction a company is going, without the right people, your plan is doomed.  Covey says to begin with the end in mind.  What a team Collins and Covey would make!

Choose today to be the right person.  Be proactive, don’t settle for mediocrity, and always keep your eye on the prize!