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The 5 Smartest Ways to Maximize Your Conference Budget

Has your corporate travel budget been cut AGAIN? If so, you are not alone.  Often times the first thing to go in a budget is travel.  While some trips could be seen as leisurely meetings, for many people they are a way to get valuable, required training hours, meet with client, get new business, and […]

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5 Smarter Ways to Cut Your Printing Budget

Are you looking for ways to cut your printing budget?  Take a look at these 5 smarter ways to save on printing costs. Plan ahead. You can always save money when buying in bulk.  Planning ahead 6 months allows you to place 2 big orders per year which can save as much as 50% on […]

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PSA – SNOW in Montgomery AL

We are sorry to interrupt this week’s blog series on how to stretch a dollar but this message is very important! IT IS SNOWING IN MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA!  Yes, it is a big deal.  Around here we just don’t get to experience this very often.  Of course I wouldn’t have interrupted our blog series without something […]

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7 Smart Ways to Save on College Textbooks

Last fall I sent my first born off to college.  I had heard horror stories about the cost of textbooks.  Admittedly I was a little nervous about that expense since it can vary so much depending on your schedule.  When it comes to textbooks, don’t be afraid to shop around.  I was surprised to hear […]

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The Value of a Dollar – Blog Series

Ain’t what it used to be! Can I get an “AMEN!”? When crunching numbers, whether referring to your personal finances or shrinking budgets in the workplace, getting the most value for a buck is no easy task.  Join us this week as we cover how to make a tight budget work for you.  We will […]

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Webinar with NUTN – Measuring What Matters

Join us for the first webinar of the year on Wed., Feb. 19th at 1:00 pm CST, sponsored by NUTN – Measuring What Matters –The Role of Non-Cognitive Factors in Student Success. It is FREE and we’d love for you to join us! Register today! Are you measuring what matters about your students?  What if faculty […]

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. on Faith

My oldest son is a freshman in college.  So far, I think he’s changed his major 3 times. Yes that’s right.  In the past 5 months, he’s decided to be a police officer, flight attendant, international business man, neurosurgeon, and FBI agent.  I’ve told him to just focus on the core subjects for now :).  […]

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