The Future of Digital Education


Think Positive, See Potential, and Learn

Some people just have a genuine knack for finding the positive side of everything, don’t they? They have a unique ability to see beauty in a run down shack by focusing on the history of memories it displays.  They see a bare rose bush and remember the recent scent or anticipate the beauty of buds […]

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Did You Know? Fun Facts About Blended Courses

According to an article from “Blended Learning ToolKit“, research indicates there is a difference between students in traditional and blended courses.  Faculty teaching in blended courses report their students: Arrive in class better prepared (Bauer, 2001; Cameron, 2003), Write more effective and longer papers (Benbunan-Fich & Hiltz, 1999; Garnham & Kaleta, 2002; Murphy, 2002-2003; Spilka, 2002), […]

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To Educate or Not to Educate

To be or not to be; that is the question! In his acclaimed work, Hamlet, William Shakespeare coined a catch phrase that has stood the test of time.  Do we ever grow weary of hearing it?  Wordless Wednesdays this week had an image with the words “to educate”.  I used that graphic because it caused me […]

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