One Laptop Per Child


Blended Learning – The Right Combination

Blended learning is what some refer to as a happy medium or compromise.  According to University of Central Florida’s “Blended Learning Toolkit“, blended learning is the “pedagogical approach that combines the effectiveness and socialization opportunities of the classroom with the technologically enhanced active learning possibilities of the online environment”.  In other words taking the positives from both […]

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SmarterMeasure Challenge – Friday Fun

This week we decided to have a little friendly competition among our staff members at SmarterServices.  Using SmarterMeasure as our medium, we all took three components including  learning styles, individual attributes, and typing speed and accuracy.  It was fun to learn more about our coworkers.  The results are in… Fastest typist with 68 wpm – Angela Cantrell […]

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Student Readiness Matters to Clark College

Clark College is serious about helping their elearning students succeed!  When students desire to take online courses, Clark takes them through a basic questionaire, provides intro to eLearning workshops, and offers SmarterMeasure as a support service. Learn more about what Clark is doing by reading a recent blog post.

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Support Services for Online Students: Strategies for Success Webinar

Course delivery is not what it used to be. Increasingly, institutions of higher education are moving to online and hybrid class offerings. Critical to answer as this shift occurs is, are these programs providing the necessary support services to help students succeed in the online environment? Further, how do institutions implement support programs that are […]

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Reflections – Dr. Mac Adkins Talks About 10 Successful Years

Passing the milestone of ten years of providing SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicatorprompted me to stop and reflect on why we have succeeded.  It is often stated that 90% of small business fail before year ten.  When narrowed down to Internet businesses the figure is even worse at 90% being out of business by year five.  Maybe […]

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Tablet Use Up Among High Schoolers and College Students

The Pearson Foundation just released a recent survey that addresses tablet use among students both high school and college. According to the findings usage among students has almost tripled in the past year.  It also found that the majority of college and high school students believe that tablets are as good for education as they are for personal […]

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