Why Do Schools Not Provide More Proctoring Choices?

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Why Do Schools Not Provide More Proctoring Choices?

Regarding proctoring, faculty want choices.  Students also want choices.  But often administrators have to limit those choices.  Why? One of the tenants of academic freedom is that faculty members should have the liberty to determine what they teach, methods they use to teach it and how mastery is assessed.  However, at many institutions the options […]

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SmarterMeasure Enhancements – 2014 Release

We are so excited to announce our newest round of enhancements making SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator the most comprehensive, complete, readiness assessment on the market!  Over the next month, we will be working closely with clients to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to learn all about the newest features.  Listed below are just a […]

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Proctoring Process Management – The Evolution Continues

~Rick Beaudry – B Virtual Inc, Guest Blog Post Last week I discussed approaching online exam monitoring (proctoring) with a people, process and technology managed services framework in the blog post “It’s Time For A Managed Services Approach To Online Proctoring”. An integrated approach to exam proctoring is on many institutions’ strategic radar due to […]

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SmarterProctoring & B Virtual Inc Partnership

We are excited to announce our recent partnership with B Virtual Inc.  SmarterProctoring provides a complete proctor management system that helps schools organize all proctoring tasks within the school’s LMS at no cost.  We coordinate all types of proctoring modalities including virtual proctors, testing centers, and qualified individuals.  SmarterProctoring also works with scheduling services such […]

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Summer Webinar Series

Don’t miss our summer webinar series! In June and July we will be discussing how to redefine the proctoring process and use student data to improve practices.  Both webinars are free, but space is limited, so sign up today! Redefining the Proctoring Process Wednesday, June 25th, 1:00 cst/2:00 est REGISTER – https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/878783246 SmarterProctoring and B […]

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Share With Colleagues What Works for Student Success

E-Source for College Transitions Sharing Opportunity What contributes to student success on your campus?  Has it been assessed/ what are the results?  Can other campuses use it?  If you have successful strategies and practices, please consider submitting an article to E-Source for College Transitions, a bi-annual, electronic newsletter published by the National Resource Center for […]

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2013 WCET Managing Online Education Survey Results

New Survey Finds Higher Education Institutions Are Adopting Standards to Promote Online Education Quality The 2013 Managing Online Education Survey by WCET, Reveals 85% of Responding Institutions have Implemented some form of “standards” or “best practices” in online courses. Boulder, CO – WCET (the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies) in partnership with BCcampus, Connecticut Distance […]

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Rethink Thinking

The final non-cognitive skill we will learn this week is how to improve your thinking skills. Trevor Maber pulls together a comprehensive look at the best of TED-Ed.

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How to Develop Empathy

Today’s non-cognitive skill is empathy.  Listen to Mary Gordon and her “yellow brick road to empathy”.  In short, empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.  What level of empathy do you have?  

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