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SmarterSurveys Goes Mobile

After months of planning and development, we are pleased to announce that next week, we will be launching the mobile version of SmarterSurveys! As referenced in our Wordless Wednesday post this week with a teaser screenshot of a survey on an iphone, we are gearing up to go live next week. No action is needed […]

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Education Statistics – Did You Know?

In a recently published study from the National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, and IPEDS, findings indicate continued growth in college enrollments and costs associated with getting a degree. Tuition costs among public institutions both in state and out, as well as nonprofit institutions increased on average about 6.5%. Enrollments reported in unduplicated headcount totalled […]

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Workforce Development – The Link Between Jobs and Education

Early next month, I will have the honor of joining the Texas Association of Community College’s (TACC)President’s Meeting in Galveston, TX.  I am looking forward to meeting the TACC presidents while learning more about the unique challenges Texans face when trying to balance work, family, and school.  Over the past 5 years, the economic climate has […]

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Creative Ways to Test Student Information

I love what’s happening with learning right now! What an exciting time to be a student of any age!  With so many technologies, new philosophies, and innovative thinkers, learning is transforming into a personal experience that is shaping our futures in an unprecedented way.  As a lifelong learner, it is fun to research and read […]

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Student Readiness Matters to Clark College

Clark College is serious about helping their elearning students succeed!  When students desire to take online courses, Clark takes them through a basic questionaire, provides intro to eLearning workshops, and offers SmarterMeasure as a support service. Learn more about what Clark is doing by reading a recent blog post.

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