Happy Birthday Titanic – Are Your Students Sinking?

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Thinking Smarter – March

    Happy 10th Birthday SmarterServices! Where did the past 10 years go?  It is hard to believe that we have been in business for a decade.  It has been an honor to work with so many educators and students.  As a company, we believe strongly in the concept of being a lifelong learner.  Our employees […]

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Tablet Use Up Among High Schoolers and College Students

The Pearson Foundation just released a recent survey that addresses tablet use among students both high school and college. According to the findings usage among students has almost tripled in the past year.  It also found that the majority of college and high school students believe that tablets are as good for education as they are for personal […]

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Reflections from Company President – Dr. Mac Adkins

As reported this week in The Washington Post the Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped the presses and will cease production of its print based books.   After 244 years of production of one of the world’s most respected information resources, the publisher must now change its way of doing business.  When I first heard this news it evoked some […]

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Internet Safety and Security

Safety on the internet and all the applications we use daily is a concern that we need to be reminded of every now and then.  This infographic is a reminder of to check those privacy settings, be mindful of links you click on, and the importance of password protection. Created by: OnlineMarketingDegree.net

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we honor Martin Luther King, Jr.  A crusader made of true character and conviction. Happy Birthday, MLK! “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically… Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Measuring Learning Styles – Is It Enough?

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted what Central Piedmont Community College is doing to help their online students succeed.  Creating a “home grown” assessment that measures student’s learning styles is the way they are “getting the conversation going”.  It is crucial for student success to know what challenges may lie ahead and for administrators to be to […]

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Costly Drop-Outs

A recent article from the Los Angeles Times reports, California has spent $480 million over the past five years on community college drop outs – citing ill-preparedness, too little support, and lack of remedial help as possible triggers to poor attrition.  The article acknowledges the stats of dollars and cents spent across the country on drop outs but […]

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A Nation of Cheaters?

Are we a nation of cheaters?  Do all students cheat (even if a little bit) on a high stakes exam at some point while getting their education?  With the recent incidents of cheating exposed nationally, media is asking the question, is cheating an epidemic?  Noted in a recent Washington Post article, cheating has been going on […]

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