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What Does a College Student Look Like?

Has the demographic changed of a traditional college student over the past 5-10 years?  Go to the link below from Education Nation Interactive Experience and find out for yourself…

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Education Nation Kicks Off – How Do You Learn?

The second annual Education Nation is in full swing and kicked off today with a spotlight of our learning styles portion of the SmarterMeasure™ assessment.  Sponsored by one of our partners,University of Phoenix, the Education Experience includes interactive activities.  Our learning styles assessment is highlighted in the video below.  Although delivered in a unique interface, the questions of […]

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2011 Student Readiness Report is Now Available!

SmarterServices has released the 2011 Student Readiness Report. Distance learning continues to grow at an incredible rate. As more students begin to learn online, it becomes obvious that distance learning is a better fit for some students than others. Individuals considering distance learning desire to know if studying online will be a good choice for […]

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Career Education Scholarship Fund Charity Golf Tournament

In 2010 the Career Education Scholarship Fund (ESF) hosted its inaugural CESF Charity Golf Tournament to raise much needed scholarship funding for the students that attend any of CEC’s 90 campuses. SmarterServices is proud to be a sponsor at the upcoming 2011 CESF Charity Golf Tournament.   EVENT INFORMATION: This year’s event will be held on Monday, August […]

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SmarterServices Matches Trends in Distance Learning

The recent 2010 Distance Education Survey Results released by Instructional Technology Council (ITC) lists the top 10 greatest challenges for elearning program administrators.  SmarterServices’ tools lined up perfectly with the first three. Support staff needed for training and technical assistance – SmarterFaculty Adequate assessment of distance education classes – SmarterSurveys Adequate student services for distance education students – SmarterMeasure It […]

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eLearning Trivia – Did You Know?

What contributed to increasing elearning enrollments in 2010? 39% – typical growth for distance education classes 37% – downturn in the economy 12% – new enrollment inititative 7% – other 5% – unknown (Source: ITC’s 2010 Distance Learning Survey Results)

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2010 ELearning Trends – Instructional Technology Council

Released in May 2011, from the Instructional Technology Council, the 2010 Distance Education Survey Results: Trends in eLearning: Tracking the Impact of eLearning at Community Colleges, offers seven issues of relevant regulatory and legislative activity that are currently impacting the trends in distance learning. State Authorization for Institutions Offering Distance Education to Out-of-State Students Increased Scrutiny of […]

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State Authorizations Tied to Distance Education Funding

The recent hot button concerning Title IV student financial aid funding and distance learning is causing higher education institutions to sit up and take note.  The regulation states “If an institution is offering postsecondary education through distance or correspondence education to students in a state in which it is not physically located, the institution must […]

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Testing Integrity – Real People Proctors

According to a recent study, Cheryl J. Wachenheim, an associate professor of agribusiness and applied economics at North Dakota State University, her economics online students may be cheating for final exams since they aren’t proctored and the temptation of cheating seems to high to pass up.  A faculty member teaching both on ground and online classes, Wachenheim fears […]

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