Google Apps in the Classroom

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Are You a 21st Century Teacher?

Recently I came across a blog post on SimpleK12 from a couple of years ago describing 21 signs that indicate if a teacher is using 21st century teaching techniques. I thought it was still applicable in 2012 and wanted to share.  My favorite signs are listed below. You ask your students to do a character/historical person study…and they create […]

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Alabama’s Digital Learning Story

February 1, 2012, marked the first ever Digital Learning Day!  It was national event and the National Town Hall meeting featured U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Federal Communications Chairman Julius Genachowski.  Creating a day to focus on digital learning uniting states across the country allowed schools, teachers and students to embrace the digital age of […]

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Engaging Underperforming Students

I love this video and system of engaging underperforming students. Check out what Cochrane Collegiate Academy is doing with their teachers and students. Be inspired to try new things and make an impact for your students.

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The Filter Bubble

Does the web broaden our horizons by providing us access to information about people, foreign lands, rare diseases, and new philosphies?  Are we becoming more well rounded through our Google searches OR are we building our biases and strengthening our own preferences?  I read an interesting article this week that really made me reflect on […]

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Growth in K12 Online Learning – Not Just a Trend

Did you know that in 2010, more than 4 million K-12 students participated in formal virtual learning programs?  The continued growth in K12 online learning is not just a trend.  As enrollments in non traditional learning environments grow, states are working on proposing mandates that students take at least one online course prior to graduating […]

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Distance Learning in 2011

What does distance learning in 2011, look like?  A recent study found enrollment in fully online distance courses in the United States grew by 21% in comparison to campus-based enrollments experiencing around 2% growth.  These figures aren’t surprising with the continued boom of the technology industry and push for more independent learning.  In addition schools […]

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