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New Beginnings – Spring is Here

With a new season, comes fresh ideas, spontaneous growth, and gets those creative juices going.  Take the new season challenge and check out one of the resources below to be a better you. Educational Blog full of resources College Readiness Remediation and Student Orientations Great Marketing Consulting Site with Fresh Ideas and Free Stuff 10 […]

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getting smart

Get Smart

Are you getting smart?  If you want to know how to get smarter, check out a great site called  They are “a community passionate about innovations in learning. Getting Smart believes the shift to personal digital learning holds promise for improved student achievement in the developed world and access to quality education in the […]

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National Distance Learning Week – Next Week

In an effort to generate greater awareness and appreciation for distance learning, USDLA is promoting National Distance Learning Week from November 5-9.  To learn more about how to be a part of this national effort click here.  Also beginning next Monday, November 5th, USDLA is opening the call for 2013 Nominations for Presigious Distance Learning Awards. For details […]

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Did You Know? Fun Facts About Blended Courses

According to an article from “Blended Learning ToolKit“, research indicates there is a difference between students in traditional and blended courses.  Faculty teaching in blended courses report their students: Arrive in class better prepared (Bauer, 2001; Cameron, 2003), Write more effective and longer papers (Benbunan-Fich & Hiltz, 1999; Garnham & Kaleta, 2002; Murphy, 2002-2003; Spilka, 2002), […]

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Blended Learning – The Right Combination

Blended learning is what some refer to as a happy medium or compromise.  According to University of Central Florida’s “Blended Learning Toolkit“, blended learning is the “pedagogical approach that combines the effectiveness and socialization opportunities of the classroom with the technologically enhanced active learning possibilities of the online environment”.  In other words taking the positives from both […]

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10 Milestones in 10 Years – Happy Birthday SmarterServices

Reached over 1,250,000 students with our readiness assessment – SmarterMeasure (formerly known as READI) Changed company name from DECADE Consulting to eLearning Tool Box. Have operated for ten years as a zero-debt company! Went through a complete rebranding from eLearning Tool Box to SmarterServices that included new logos, colors, literature, websites, displays, and product names. […]

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Reflections from Company President – Dr. Mac Adkins

As reported this week in The Washington Post the Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped the presses and will cease production of its print based books.   After 244 years of production of one of the world’s most respected information resources, the publisher must now change its way of doing business.  When I first heard this news it evoked some […]

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SmarterServices Matches Trends in Distance Learning

The recent 2010 Distance Education Survey Results released by Instructional Technology Council (ITC) lists the top 10 greatest challenges for elearning program administrators.  SmarterServices’ tools lined up perfectly with the first three. Support staff needed for training and technical assistance – SmarterFaculty Adequate assessment of distance education classes – SmarterSurveys Adequate student services for distance education students – SmarterMeasure It […]

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2010 ELearning Trends – Instructional Technology Council

Released in May 2011, from the Instructional Technology Council, the 2010 Distance Education Survey Results: Trends in eLearning: Tracking the Impact of eLearning at Community Colleges, offers seven issues of relevant regulatory and legislative activity that are currently impacting the trends in distance learning. State Authorization for Institutions Offering Distance Education to Out-of-State Students Increased Scrutiny of […]

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