Wordless Wednesdays – Customer Service

Wordless Wednesdays

There is Big World Out There – Virtual Field Trips

Our Wordless Wednesday picture this week demonstrated hands holding up a world.  When I saw the image it made me ask the question, “How do we bring the world to our children?”. Growing up attending a small town elementary school, I remember loading up on the cheese wagon (i.e. school bus) to go to a local […]

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To Educate or Not to Educate

To be or not to be; that is the question! In his acclaimed work, Hamlet, William Shakespeare coined a catch phrase that has stood the test of time.  Do we ever grow weary of hearing it?  Wordless Wednesdays this week had an image with the words “to educate”.  I used that graphic because it caused me […]

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Coming Soon – Wordless Wednesdays

Welcome to our newest feature – Wordless Wednesdays.  Beginning next week, every Wednesday’s blog post will be a picture or image of some kind.  I hope it will cause you to think, form an opinion, comment or at the very least, bring a smile to your face.  Then stop back by on Friday so you […]

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