Costly Drop-Outs

recent article from the Los Angeles Times reports, California has spent $480 million over the past five years on community college drop outs – citing ill-preparedness, too little support, and lack of remedial help as possible triggers to poor attrition.  The article acknowledges the stats of dollars and cents spent across the country on drop outs but doesn’t provide insight about how to “fix” this problem.

Accountability is in question for many schools with the question being, who is responsible for these students?  For-profits have been under scrutiny about their recruiting practices over the past couple of years and have begun to make efforts to screen their students more carefully examining their motivation, readiness levels, and financial obligations.  Community Colleges across the country have experienced sky rocketing enrollments with the unstable economy.  Traditional universities are looking for ways to provide flexible options to students having to juggle financial responsiblities, home life, and school work.  So while students are responsible to do their part, prepare for school and commit to completing course work, schools are also having to fund the fall out of those who don’t follow through.

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