Debt Free College and Debt Free Students – College of the Ozarks

Did you say there was a college that is actually discouraging student loan debt?  YES!  According to the Huffington Post, College of the Ozarks in Kansas City, Missouri, is not taking student who insist on taking our student loans.  A private, four-year college is actually taking a stand to help students make good choices about incurring unnecessary student debt to go an education. 

College of the Ozarks president, Jerry Davis, states “We are basically just trying to look out for the students’ interests”. While ninety percent of their students have financial need, much of that is covered with federal and state aid, scholarship, and working on campus.  With a staggering student loan debt among Americans of over $1 trillion, it is clear that education is important to us. However, at what price will this ultimately cost students who are uneducated about the implications of going into debt to get a degree?

Nicknamed, Hard Work U, College of the Ozarks believes in teaching students not just the value of education but the value of hard work.  One simply won’t work without the other.  Kudos to the school for putting their money where their mouth is and creating a culture of accountability, work ethic, and fiscally responsible choices.

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