eLearningToolBox is Smarter!

Beginning in April 2010, eLearningToolBox will begin our transformation into a smarter company.  Over the past several months, we’ve been working behind the scenes to reincorporate, change out literature, displays, and begin work on the websites.  Now we are notifying clients and partners of the upcoming changes.  Do you have questions?  Well with change usually come questions…and lots of them.  We’ve started the list below but feel free to contact us at info@SmarterServices for more information.  We are looking forward to continuing our relationship.

Q. Will our custom user interface for READI change right away?  If not, when?
A. No.  Over the next 12 months we will change out your custom user interface when your account renews.

Q. Will our custom url for our READI site be affected?
A. No. It will still link directly to your custom user interface.  You shouldn’t notice any change.  All existing URLs will continue to work indefinitely as well as URLs based on the new product names.

Q. Will the name changes affect the Account Manager assigned to our account?
A. No.  You will continue to deal with the same person you always have.

Q. Will email addresses with the company change?
A. We will have new email addresses to include all the same prefixes with @SmarterServices.com; However, you can still reach us at the old email addresses. (sales@SmarterServices.com, support@SmarterServices.com, tara@SmarterServices.com, etc).

Q. Has the company’s address changed?
A. Yes.  The new physical address for our corporate office is 314 Shady Nook Dr, Deatsville, AL, 36022 and the post office is PO Box 220111 Deatsville, AL 36022.

Q. Has the phone number changed?
A. All direct lines will remain the same but we do have a new toll free number.
It is 877.499.Smarter (7627).

Q. What impact will the name change have on the vendor status with our organization?
A. If you need an updated W9, you may contact your Account Manager or email info@SmarterServices.com.

Q.  Will all product name changes happen overnight?
A.  Yes.  On the switch over date, all product names will be changed; however, the websites will evolve over time.