End of Course Evaluations

It’s about that time of year when schools are gearing up for end of course evaluations. While gathering meaningful feedback from well-intentioned students to improve faculty practices can be a positive experience, in many cases it is a sensitive subject.  Unfortunately, often times the end of course evaluation system is plagued with challenges.  Whether it be the delivery method of the survey, manually entering feedback to create reports, or dealing with students who are looking for a chance to unload on their least favorite professor, end of course evaluations can be a source of contention among students, faculty, and administration.

Students may be unwilling to participate in the survey process fearing lack of anonymity or disbelief that their input will make a difference.  Faculty may be skeptical about the sincerity of student’s feedback or feel threatened about the weight the surveys carry.  This week’s Wordless Wednesday picture depicts an individual looking through a magnifying glass.  Faculty may feel as though they are being glared at, perhaps highlighting their weaknesses instead of acknowledging their strengths.  Lastly administrators can become frustrated with manual processes such as pencil and paper surveys.  Organizing and disseminating the data can be quite a challenge.

Are you looking for a solution to your end of course evaluation woes?  Check out SmarterSurveys! Our tool addresses common challenges schools face while using other delivery systems. SmarterSurveys™ is a flexible, dependable, and secure web-based solution for conducting end-of-course surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of courses and faculty. SmarterSurveys allows schools to replace hand written, bubble sheet, and/or locally created web-based survey processes.  SmarterSurveys allows schools to fully customize and automate the course evaluation process.