Forget What You’ve Learned About Learning

Recently I read the most intriguing article.  I love learning new things and especially hearing something from a different perspective. At SmarterServices we believe in lifelong learning and this article by GeekDad really spoke to the whole idea that we should always be learning and sometimes we need to examine how we actually learn.

For years, traditional schools have tossed out information to students to learn, memorize, retain, and recite.  The student learns to take notes, record the lecture, and memorize the content to make an acceptable grade on the content.  In some cases the art of truly learning about information, life, and how to connect the two has become more of a checklist.  While getting basic skills is crucial to a child’s success; it is equally important that they understand how to apply what they learn and have a desire to learn more.

I like the article because it reminds us that it’s ok to forget what we have practiced in learning in many traditional settings.  It’s ok to think outside the box.  Whether you agree with Robert A. Bjork from UCLA or not, he makes you think.  Read the article…don’t you want to learn something new today?