Good Customer Service – Is It a Dying Art?

Have you called a customer service department?  Perhaps you had a question about your phone bill, needed tech support, or wanted to update your contact information with the bank.  When you dial in, who answered the phone, or should I say “what answered the phone”?  Most likely you got an automated voice offering you numeric choices.  While most everyone agrees an ele

ctronic answering service is cost effective and efficient on some level, it can be frustrating, cold and impersonal.  Generally you will eventually get to a person but what are the changes they will be able to assist you?  Often times you are asked to be placed on hold, transferred to another department, and/or told someone would return your call.  When you have an issue that needs to be resolved and a small window of time to take care of it, timely courteous service is crucial!

SmarterServices has spent the past decade building a reputation around timely, courteous service.  We have built a network of support resources including trainings, tutorials, documentation, and research to service our clients in the use of our tools.  We take great pride in handling client issues effectively and efficiently with a personal touch.  In a time where customer service seems to be a dying art, consumers appreciate our responsiveness and we consistently get positive feedback from them.  Listen to what our clients have to say…

“Alan has been great! He’s knowledgeable, has always been very responsive. When he’s out of the office there has always been someone just as available as he is to answer questions. Demos, support documents and tutorials are great and the product is very user friendly. I really like the analytics updates as well. So far our experience with SmarterMeasure has been a model of what we wish we got with all of our vendors. Thanks!!”

“You have been exceedingly accommodating and pleasant to work with. Smarter Services has been one of the best companies I have ever worked with!”

“I have really enjoyed the amount of communication. Keep it up!!!”

“I think the service is great. My only suggestion is to keep doing what you’re doing. Just more of the same! You do a great job.”

“Service has been great since day 1! Thank you!”

Thank you to all of our clients for continued loyalty in our company and products!