Green.  Is there any other color that carries so many iconic meanings?  Today is St. Patrick’s Day and thus it is fitting to discuss the color green.  Are you green with envy?  Seeing green?  Going green? Do you have a green thumb? References include being envious, needing money or being greedy, have a knack for growing plants, and recycling or trying to preserve mother earth.  When I think of green, I think of distance education.  See the connection?  No?

The color green is defined to represent growth, life, and renewal.  Wouldn’t we all agree that getting an education is a path to growth?  Secondly distance education is one of the largest green initiatives currently available.  Online learning boasts decreased commuting, fewer buildings to house students, and more screen work resulting in less paper.  Lastly, an education generates new skills which can translate in job offers, promotions, higher pay or more opportunities.  Getting a green degree encapsulates an environmentally friendly education.

So today have a happy St. Patrick’s Day, wear your green and promote distance education.  It is the greenest thing you can do!