Life Factors Section Coming Soon!

For the past eight years we at SmarterServices have been doing a good thing. Now we are preparing to do a great thing.  Our SmarterMeasure learning readiness assessment (formerly known as READI – Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator) has been helping students understand things that internal to themselves that impact their ability to succeed in an eLearning environment.  Examples of these internal aspects include their learning styles, their individual attributes like motivation and willingness to ask for help, their technical competency, their typing ability and their reading ability.  Helping students understand more about these things that are internal to them has been a good thing.  But experienced educators know that many times students do not continue their education because of things that are external to them.  These external factors can be things in their life like having to work many hours at a job, health issues, financial issues, lack of support from family, etc.  We think that it will be a great thing next week when the new Life Factors section is added to the SmarterMeasure learning readiness indicator because students will now receive a measure of the impact that these  “life factors” may have on their educational plans.