Measuring Learning Styles – Is It Enough?

recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education highlighted what Central Piedmont Community College is doing to help their online students succeed.  Creating a “home grown” assessment that measures student’s learning styles is the way they are “getting the conversation going”.  It is crucial for student success to know what challenges may lie ahead and for administrators to be to know what to talk about.  Having an honest conversation about a student’s motivation, discipline, plan, and ability to take online classes is a responsible move in guiding them to completing courses.

A home grown learning styles assessment certainly is a beginning step in the right direction.  However, is it enough?  SmarterMeasure includes a learning styles assessment but also measures readiness in other areas including technical competency, life factors, individual attributes, reading rate and recall, and typing speed and accuracy.  It provides a complete profile about a student.  Using a tool such as SmarterMeasure gives administrators insight about what students need while providing the student with strong feedback to build their confidence and guide them in their opportunities for improvement.