Online Learning Trends Study Released

The Babson Survey Research Group in partnership with Pearson Learning Solutions released the annual “Online Learning Trends in Private-Sector Colleges and Universities” report in March.  The findings are very interesting and echo the voice that acknowledges the steady growth of online education.  According to the report, sixty percent (60%) of private-sector colleges and universities report that online learning was a critical part of their institutions’ long-term strategies in 2010.

The evidence goes on to say that in most cases learning outcomes for online education is “as good as or better than” their face-to-face counterparts.  All institution types have reached the same concensus that tough economic times are good for higher education enrollments though the exact reason why is still debateable.  Lastly the study addresses the recent federal regulations on financial aid and how that is affecting funding and recruiting efforts.

Read the complete study for details.