Online Student Readiness as a Predictor of Online Student Satisfaction

Noel-Levitz and SmarterServices are excited to announce their latest collaboration on a 2011 White Paper – Online Student Readiness as a Predictor of Online Student Satisfaction. 

In an effort to determine whether online student readiness, as measured by the
SmarterMeasure™ Learning Readiness Indicator, is predictive of satisfaction as measured by the Noel-Levitz Priorities Survey for Online Learners™, research was conducted comparing
the readiness measures with satisfaction measures of 1,560 students at five institutions. Suggestions for good practice are included, so that online learning leaders can assist students in becoming satisfied with their online learning experience. This study was a collaborative effort between SmarterServices and Noel-Levitz.

Significant findings show there is a strong relationship between online student readiness and satisfaction/retention.  Two components measured in SmarterMeasure – Individual Attributes and Life Factors proved to be predictors of whether a student was satisfied with his/her classes and whether they would enroll again.  The full report can be found here.