Orienting Students to Learning Online Webinar

Two weeks from today, we are offering a webinar about student readiness and orientation. Space is limited, so register today!


Orienting Students to Learning Online: Why the Emphasis upon Learning Matters
Dr. Ghazala Hashmi, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Wednesday, July 24th 1:00-2:00 pm CST (2:00-3:00 EST)

Are technology skills and aptitudes the primary qualifications for online learning? Do students simply need access to appropriate online venues in order to achieve academic success? Ongoing research and analysis of student success and retention demonstrate that a host of factors impact student achievement within technology-rich learning contexts. Although technology skills are clearly essential, the central characteristics that distinguish students as college ready must also come into play within institutional conversations about online readiness. Ensuring that all students are given access to a broad spectrum of readiness tools is a core function of college preparatory programs. As J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (JSRCC) implemented its Quality Enhancement Plan in 2010, its assessment efforts integrated and built upon data emerging from SmarterMeasure assessment results. Using SmarterMeasure data to identify skills and deficiencies in student preparation for online learning, JSRCC has developed student orientation activities and training for online faculty. By placing the core values of teaching and learning at the forefront, the college is building support systems for both students and faculty to excel within online learning.