Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL)

Hands-On Labs, Inc. (HOL) develops, produces, and distributes LabPaqs ® in Denver, Colorado. LabPaqs are boxed collections of science materials that are primarily used by higher education students with distance learning lab science courses. Over 80 different LabPaqs are available in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, plus Environmental and Forensic Science. LabPaqs allow students to earn transferable credits doing at home the same science experiments as on campuses, using the same types of chemicals, specimens and supplies. By adopting a LabPaq like a textbook, educators can provide rigorous, college-level “wet” lab experiences to both online and on-campus students. They assign a LabPaq in a course syllabus and students buy it online. LabPaqs employ green, micro-scale science techniques and compact lab equipment. LabPaqs are insured, have a 15-year, 100% safety record, and can be legally shipped anywhere in the world. Hands-On Labs is a 2009 “Colorado Companies to Watch” Award Winner.