Proactively Advising At-Risk Students

Identifying at-risk students is a job schools are now taking seriously.  Recognizing the close relationship between ill prepared students and retention, proactive strategies are helping schools reclaim students before it is too late.  According to Joe Murray, director of academic advising and retention services at Miami University, an “intrusive advising” approach is crucial based on research of Robert Glennen. A recent article from Academic Impressions featuring an interview with Joe Murray, outlines some specifics listed below.  To read the full article go here.

Possible at-risk cohorts can include

  • Student athletes
  • Non-traditional students
  • English Language Learners
  • Academically underprepared students
  • Student who have been placed on academic probation

Effective time-frames to implement intrusive advising

  • Registration deadlines
  • Financial deadlines
  • Drop/withdrawal deadlines
  • Deadlines unique to specific academic programs

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