Proctoring Process Management – The Evolution Continues

~Rick Beaudry – B Virtual Inc, Guest Blog Post

Last week I discussed approaching online exam monitoring (proctoring) with a people, process and technology managed services framework in the blog post “It’s Time For A Managed Services Approach To Online Proctoring”.

An integrated approach to exam proctoring is on many institutions’ strategic radar due to increasing global growth in the demand for online exam delivery. Today’s institutions expect progressive service management andb_virtual_logo_50_percent_of_original-gallery service delivery models from their providers. These are the exact areas where our partnership with SmarterProctoring comes into play.

Our partnership with SmarterProctoring offers an enhancement to the management of online proctoring people and process.  Their web-based solution provides one complete proctor management system that helps schools organize all proctoring tasks within their own Learning Management System (LMS) at no cost.  All types of proctoring modalities including virtual proctors (online), testing centers, and qualified individuals are managed in the SmarterProctoring system.

Through LMS integration, institutions and instructors are able to identify to their students what proctoring solutions are acceptable for their exams. Students are then able to schedule their exam with these acceptable proctoring solutions all within their LMS. SmarterProctoring is a complete proctoring solution that includes integrated workflows, messaging, scheduling, and proctor approvals.

Just another evolution in the managed services approach to online exam monitoring/proctoring as the higher education institutions and professional testing associations are demanding more depth in full (people, process and technology) operational integration required for global delivery and quality control.