READI Support

Do you ever get support requests from your students asking how to use READI?  Have any of your students complained of time out issues or logging in problems?  Did you know the error rate while using READI is .0001%?  WOW!  That’s great…but if you are in that .0001% then you may need assistance!

Although we have a full support staff to assist students with any issues they may have concerning READI, we recognize that often times students go directly to their administrators for answers to their questions.  We want to help!  Below is a list of commonly asked questions and steps to alleviate the problem.  Hopefully these will assist you in relieving any frustration and finding a solution for your students.

Student says – “My computer timed out or I received a page request error.”
Step 1:  Contact READI support via email at
Step 2:  Check high security settings in your browser.
In Internet Explorer click Tools > Options > Security then set the security level to medium or low.
Step 3:  Did you receive an email containing your READI PIN?
Step 4:  Try to log back in as a returning user with your email address and READI PIN.
Step 5:  If a student is using Hughes Satellite Internet Service, they may experience problems that we cannot fix.  This issue resides with Hughes and not READI.  If this is the case, we often suggest students try completing READI on an alternate computer such as at a library or a friend’s house.
Step 6:  Wait for READI support to contact you within 24 hours to determine if there were any technical issues on our side.

Student says – “My username and password do not work.”
Step 1:  Check with the school’s administrator or school’s instructions to verify you have the correct username and password.
Step 2:  Verify the correct URL for the READI site to make sure you are going to the correct school’s READI sub domain such as
Step 3:  Don’t forget that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
Step 4:  Contact READI support via email at

Student says – “My READI PIN does not work.”
Step 1:  Are you logging in under the “Returning Users” box on the right-hand side?
Step 2:  Are you using the same valid email address that you used in the original assessment?
Step 3:  Don’t forget the READI PIN is case sensitive.  Try to copy and paste it in the designated box.
Step 4:  Contact READI support via email at

Student says – “I accidentally deleted the email containing my READI PIN or I did not receive an email with a READI PIN.”
Step 1: Go back to your school’s READI site.
Step 2: Click on “Retrieve a lost or forgotten READI PIN”
Step 3: Type in your email address.
Step 4: Follow instructions and you will receive the READI PIN again via email
Step 5: If you still do not receive your PIN, check your junk/spam email box.  Sometimes emails get stuck there.

Student says – “How do I get back in to see my READI results more than once?”
Step 1:  Go back to your school’s READI site.
Step 2:  Log back in under “Returning User” on the right-hand side with email address and READI PIN provided to student in email from READI.

Most importantly we want you to know that the READI Support Team is available and ready to help you and your students.  Anyone can contact our support team just by emailing  No matter what the concern, problem, or issue is, we will work to keep things running smoothly.