Reflections from Company President – Dr. Mac Adkins

As reported this week in The Washington Post the Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped the presses and will cease production of its print based books.   After 244 years of production of one of the world’s most respected information resources, the publisher must now change its way of doing business.  When I first heard this news it evoked some sentimental sadness.  I remember the great joy each time that my family would get a new set of encyclopedias or the annual edition of the Year Book.  OK, so I was one of those geeks who enjoyed learning.  Well, I still enjoy learning, but it is rarely in the form of a book that I hold in my hand.  After going down memory lane for a couple of minutes I was then jolted back to reality by the realization that as a business owner, I must realize that no business – however well-established or well-respected, can continue doing business the same way forever.  Visions of Woolworths, Oldsmobile, and Polaroid flashed through my mind.

So what are we at SmarterServices doing to remain relevant?  We are listening.  Listening to you.  We are listening to the expressed needs of our clients and then envisioning services that can be done in a smarter way.  The evolution of all of our services has been prompted by the suggestions of our clients.
•    Just over ten years ago we listened as there was a need expressed by the US Army for an online learning readiness assessment.  Now over 1.25 million students have benefitted from the SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator.
•    Then as distance learning exploded we listened to schools as they needed an efficient way to find online faculty.  Now over 12,000 online faculty have created searchable profiles in SmarterFaculty.
•    Next we listened as schools needed a smarter way to collect student perception data.  Now over a half million course evaluations have been submitted through SmarterSurveys.
•    Most recently we listened as schools requested a way to ensure online student authenticity and learner integrity.  We will soon be releasing SmarterProctors.

What will we be doing next?  We are not sure, but we are listening to you to find out.  Let us know how we can help you be smarter as you educate learners.