Setting 2014 Goals-Hashtag Style

goal-settingWelcome to 2014!  So glad you stopped in!  In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s time to set those #NewYearsResolutions, right?  That proverbial list filled with arbitrary plans like eating healthy, exercising more, enjoying the little things, yada yada yada.  Don’t get caught up in #goodintentions and find yourself in the middle of an #epicfail on January 21st.  Instead, try setting concrete #goals with specific action steps you can take to measure your progress.  Using the tips below, we hope your #newyearresolutions are more accurately described as #newyearliving!

1. Evaluate what was missing from 2013.  Passion? Health? Energy? Commitment? Excitement? Starting with what’s missing can help bring to focus what you need to work on.  Once you’ve written down the general things that were missing, you are ready to break down the #bigpicture into smaller chunks.

2.Get your general goals written down and diagram your plan. Using our example, we’ll diagram out health/energy.  In #2014, what are some concrete things you can do to contribute to the outcome of improved health and increased energy? While adding a #5hrenergydrink to your daily diet may be a temporary fix, it won’t increase your overall health…so, yeah…scrap the #5hrenergydrink at least for now :).  List anything that can help you accomplish this goal like exercising, eating less fatty meats, and eating more fruits/veggies.  Now you have some concrete things you need to do to accomplish your #newyearliving goal.

3. Set up actionable steps with measured results. Exercising is a good idea.  But what does that mean to you?  What do you like to do?  Or perhaps what do you dislike the least when it comes to physical activity? #Running? Walking? Lifting weights? #Zumba? Kick boxing? Yoga? You get the idea.  Decide what you are most likely to stick with and commit to that activity(ies) for at least the month of January. You can easily change things up but for now make a decision and stick to it, come what may.

4. You’ve decided the what, now you have to determine the how often.  This will vary depending on your family and work responsibilities.  But a #wordtothewise here, choose to make this activity a priority with at least committing 3 x per week. I recommend actually committing which days you’ll do it, instead of just saying 3 x per week (i.e. Mon. Wed. & Fri.).

5. Write it down, post it where you can see it daily, and TELL A FRIEND!  Yes, accountability is one of the best motivators and will go a long way in helping you obtain your ultimate goal.

6. Measure progress once per week.  Don’t think about your overall goal, just focus on your specific action.  Did you exercise 3 x this week? If so, you are #winning!!!  Be sure your “friend” is checking on your weekly progress too.

7. #JUSTDOIT.  That pretty much sums it up.  At the #endoftheday #newyearsresolutions are just ways that we want to improve our lives and with any luck will improve the lives of those around us. However if we don’t #justdoit, then we won’t improve and may even get worse.

8. At the end of the month, evaluate your action plan. Is 3 x per week enough? Would you like to increase it to 4 x? Did you hate the exercise you chose? If so, pick another one…but remember you must commit to the exercise plan for at least a month so choose carefully.

9. Reward yourself for every action step you take.  Type or write out #YOUDIDIT! Or some other cool phrase that makes you feel #ontopoftheworld.  Rejoice in your accomplishments and own your failures.  Remember, it’s ok to fall down, but there’s #noexcuse for staying down there.


2014 goals diagram