Small College Takes Data Seriously

Hilbert College has an enrollment of just over 1,000 students. Although they are considered a small school, they are serious about student data and have implemented a plan to use it to their advantage. A recent article in CampusTechnology, describes how Hilbert got busy learning how to effectively disseminate student data to help improve success, working with their academic systems and administrative suite. They identified three keys in harnessing campuswide data to improve success.

1) Rectify processes that result in misleading graduation rates.

2) Identify factors in incoming students that lead to success.

3) Identify factors that indicate a drop in academic success.

At first glance these key factors may not seem like shocking revelations.  However, the key is they followed through.  Identifying was the first step and looking at the data to support the key factors allowed Hilbert to proactively make changes. To learn more about how they did it, read the full article.