Smarter in 2010

Thank you for being one of the valued clients of eLearningToolBox.  We are committed to being an organization that is responsive to the needs of our clients.  Over the past year we have seen our set of tools evolve into services that extend beyond the eLearning enterprise.  Many of our schools use READI for all of their students because it measures traits and skills that are necessary for any student learning in this digital age. is being used enterprise-wide and not in just distance learning programs. is being used to find local, full-time faculty as well as distant adjuncts.  As our vision for our services is continuing to expand to provide even more tools to improve retention and enable data driven decisions, we feel that our name as eLearningToolBox  is a poor descriptor since it limits us to just eLearning activities. 

As a result of this expansion of our services beyond just eLearning, we are changing our name to SmarterServices.  Our new mission is to organize and analyze data that empowers people to make smarter decisions.   This mission is congruent with the efforts at many educational institutions to be smarter by making data driven decisions.

Our new web presence will be  In addition to our company name changing, we are also changing our product names to fit within a consistent naming convention as indicated below:
New Name                      Formerly known as
SmarterMeasure (.com) – Readiness for Education At a Distance Indicator
SmarterSurveys (.com)
SmarterFaculty (.com)
SmarterProctors (.com) (in Beta form)
SmarterRetention (.com) (in development stages)

With any change come questions.  You may be asking yourself, why is eLearningToolBox changing their name?  No, we haven’t been acquired by another company.  No, new management hasn’t taken over.  No, we aren’t outsourcing any of our work, products, or developing.  Yes, we are still the same hands-on company that will continue to provide you with excellent service and evolving products!  Yes, we are experiencing growth and want to expand our reach!  Yes, we are getting smarter about the way we do business!

Keep up with all the progress on our Facebook fan page – SmarterServices, follow us on twitter SmarterServices, and watch our blog and website.