SmarterMeasure Challenge – Friday Fun

This week we decided to have a little friendly competition among our staff members at SmarterServices.  Using SmarterMeasure as our medium, we all took three components including  learning styles, individual attributes, and typing speed and accuracy.  It was fun to learn more about our coworkers.  The results are in…

  • Fastest typist with 68 wpm – Angela Cantrell
  • Coming in a close second with 64 wpm – Rachel Sipper and Tara Boozer
  • Slowest typist with 46 wpm – Julie Owen (and I thought I was fast)

The person most likely to do well if she went back to school with strong individual attributes like time management and willingness to ask for help is Cristy!

Although Tara and Alan will say they are very different people, it was funny to note that they scored EXACTLY the same on learning styles as seen below.

The most interesting part was that everyone’s predominant learning style connected directly with our roles in the company. Our developers, Jason and Jeff both have “logical” learning style.  Mac, our CEO has a logical and solitary learning style.  Rachel in support showed a solitary learning style as well. All of our sales and account managers had a good combination of aural, social, and verbal.

All in all it was a fun exercise!  Happy Friday, y’all!