SmarterMeasure Enhancements – 2014 Release

We are so excited to announce our newest round of enhancements making SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator the most comprehensive, complete, readiness assessment on the market!  Over the next month, we will be working closely with clients to ensure there are plenty of opportunities to learn all about the newest features.  Listed below are just a few of the exciting enhancements available to all clients at no additional charge. Plus many of these enhancements are as the direct result of institutions suggesting modifications for improvement.  new1

Some of these enhancements are minor improvements and are being pushed out to all accounts and all test taker groups.  While others are more substantial and are being offered as elements which can be configured to best meet client needs.  The two major enhancements are the addition of an Educator/Advisor Report , and a new version of the Individual Attributes section.

The most substantial optional enhancement is the creation of Version Two of the Individual Attributes section.   There is a growing body of literature about the various categories of individual attributes which can contribute to student success.  Maximizing this data is crucial to ensuring student success.  The optional, new Individual Attributes section now measures Self-Management, Learning Skills, Organization, Health and Commitment in addition to the original attributes.

The Educator Report is also an exciting new enhancement.  Many schools have requested a report that not only reveals the student’s scores to an academic advisor, success coach, faculty member or some other educator, but which also maps opportunities for growth to recommended resources and reports the frequency of use of those resources.

For more information, questions/concerns and training opportunities, contact your Account Manager.  We also recommend registering for one of our upcoming webinars.

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