Support Services for Online Students: Strategies for Success Webinar

Course delivery is not what it used to be. Increasingly, institutions of higher education are moving to online and hybrid class offerings. Critical to answer as this shift occurs is,

are these programs providing the necessary support services to help students succeed in the online environment? Further, how do institutions implement support programs that are turnkey and budget-friendly? This session will explore a series of online tools, services and strategies that faculty and staff can use immediately to provide necessary aid to online students. Participants will learn how to integrate products in creative ways and design a very comprehensive, affordable enterprise solution for online course delivery and student support services.Join Innovative Educators and the sponsor – SmarterServices on Thursday, April 12 ~ 3:00-4:00pm EDT, for a complimentary webinar focused on student services for online students.Meet Corey Davis, an industry leader and learn how to incorporate technologies that will assist your students in their online classes. REGISTER TODAY!