Survey Says…Can be Misleading

How many of you have read the results of a survey and been shocked, surprised, angered, or perhaps you just kept reading and didn’t give it much thought?  I suppose we’ve all been duped by “survey results” that seem a bit one-sided.  It is no secret that survey questions often times can be slanted to draw a specific response. In some cases even if the results do not reflect the expected outcome, the results may be reported in a light that favors one side or the other.survey says

Speaking of survey results…a recent Gallup poll asked 1,000 adult Americans to share their views of online education vs. traditional classroom education.  No big surprises were reported.  It still seems some people still can’t let go of their personal view that traditional classes are better than online.  However, in some areas online performed better.  What really caught my eye was how The Chronicle reported the information with the headliner “Traditional Education Beats Online in Key Areas, Opinion Poll Finds”.  Well, not exactly.  Did they read the same poll I did?  True enough, there were some major differences reported however many of them were marginal.

This is a good example of the importance of sticking to the original source.  Did you read it? What say you?